Rajan, a young Kurdish man made his way from Blaine, Washington walking through the woodland near the Peace Arch crossing, using his phone to guide him, to cross the border into Canada. It was the beginning of a new life that was very different to what he’d imagined growing up. He has a master’s degree in law and used to work for a global relief charity in a war-torn part of the Middle East. His work helped displaced people get food and shelter. After threats to his life, he was forced to flee, leaving behind his mom, brothers and sisters. Rajan is now awaiting a refugee protection hearing now he is in Canada. He’s an articulate young man and speaks Kurdish, Arabic and English, and has got his work permit. He has already applied to volunteer with an non-profit in BC and his dream is to work with another humanitarian organization, eventually qualifying to practise law in Canada. He says simply: “This is the best country. I will do everything I can, I will give everything to this country because of how they welcomed me.” Names and locations changed to protect identities. Original story via Vancouver Sun.