MAP Working Groups

MAP’s success is based on the three pillars of collaboration, partnership and innovation. And there’s nowhere that this is more obvious than in our Working Groups.

Over the years, we have initiated various working groups with the aim of working intensively in specific areas or to accomplish specific initiatives. These groups have functioned during times of particular need and have included:

  • Housing Working Group: This group constantly addresses the need for supported and adequate short and long-term housing for refugee claimants. For more detailed information on the vital work of this group, please visit the HOUSING page of our website
  • Information Working Group: First created to create information needed for the referral service First Contact (now bc211) and continues to work on initiatives such as our website and public events.
  • Legal Working Group: currently on hiatus, the Legal Working Group focused on alternatives to detention and protection of minors
  • Health Working Group: also not currently active, this group focused on providing sufficient health access across the health authorities and especially access to Mental Health services for refugee claimants