As a result of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s housing market, refugee claimants have a difficult time finding somewhere to live. When they arrive they usually have very limited financial resources, can’t rely on income assistance straight away and so many of them experience housing stress within the first six months of arrival.

Typically, refugee claimants find immediate housing through friends and family, or through assistance organizations.

Fleeing their home countries and having endured psychological trauma, loss, extreme fatigue and fear for their personal safety, refugee claimants are in need of permanent and secure housing. Currently, there is a lack of all types of housing dedicated to refugee claimants: from short term shelter to transitional housing and permanent affordable housing for individuals and families in BC.

That’s why we have a Housing Working Group at MAP that concentrates on all the issues relating to housing refugee claimants, from temporary and transition housing and pathways to permanent housing.

Established in 2009, the Housing Working Group (HWG) of the Multi Agency Partnership (MAP) promotes the safety and well-being of refugee claimants by finding and creating housing solutions along the continuum of need for them.

Refugee Claimant Housing Forum Report and Action Plan

MAP, along with member agencies held: A Forum Focused on Solutions:  Addressing the Shelter and Housing Needs of Refugee Claimants in BC 10 May 2018 where 60+ participants from 42 agencies shared their creativity and wisdom.

You can read the resulting report which gives great insight into some of the issues facing refugee claimants and housing, by clicking below.

Refugee Claimant Housing Forum Report and Action Plan