Our impact

There are many ways in which MAP is making a difference. MAP is a pioneer in Canada for this type of collaborative approach, and you can read more about our work – as well as that of our member agencies below.


MAP’s innovative and collaborative partnership has brought together organizations across British Columbia who are doing amazing work with refugee claimants. This collaboration is the first of its kind in Canada and is already garnering interest throughout Canada.

Along with the many individual challenges that our agencies have tackled, MAP has been able to innovate in several areas.

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Success stories

Thanks to MAP’s member agencies, thousands of refugee claimants across BC have been able to settle into new and safe lives in Canada. The work that these agencies do is amazing, and helps change the lives of people in very vulnerable situations.

Ultimately, their success is thanks to the resilience and contribution of asylum seekers here in BC.

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Meet a MAP Member

Every month we highlight the work of a different MAP Member. It’s their chance to showcase the work they do with asylum seekers and refugee claimants – as well as to show how diverse MAP’s membership is.

We hope you’ll come back often to the site so read more about these wonderful organizations.

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