Join MAP

Would you like to join MAP? Here’s the information you need!


Membership in MAP is open to any organization or individual that provides direct service to or whose work enhances knowledge about refugees or refugee claimants. All Members demonstrate their commitment to MAP by signing the Agreement to Collaborate upon joining MAP and when requested to by the Executive committee.

There are two categories of Members within MAP:


Agencies or individuals:

  1. Who participate and work collaboratively within MAP, show a high degree of commitment by providing advice and/or support, and attend a minimum of six (6) meetings annually.
  2. May vote and be nominated for positions on the Executive
  3. Must sign the MAP Agreement to Collaborate
  4. May choose to be listed on the MAP website and in publications
  5. May choose to receive MAP updates.


Agencies or individuals who:

  1. Join in MAP meetings and discussions at their convenience
  2. Cannot be nominated for Executive positions
  3. Participants may vote
  4. Must sign the MAP Agreement to Collaborate
  5. May choose to receive MAP update

If you’re ready to join MAP, then please download the application form, complete it, scan it, and return it to the MAP Coordinator –