Housing for Refugee Claimants

As a result of Vancouver’s housing market, refugee claimants have a difficult time finding somewhere to live. When they  arrive refugee claimants have very limited financial resources, they can’t rely on income assistance straight away and so many refugees experience housing stress within the first six months of arrival.

Typically, refugee claimants find immediate housing through friends and family, or through assistance organizations.

Fleeing their home countries and having endured psychological trauma, loss, extreme fatigue and fear for their personal safety, refugee claimants are in need of permanent and secure housing. Currently, there is a lack of all types of housing dedicated to refugee claimants: from short term shelter to transitional housing and permanent affordable housing for individuals and families in BC.

On May 10, 2018 a Housing Forum was held in Vancouver and attended by refugee claimants, representatives of all levels of government and NGO’s. Titled: Addressing the Urgent Shelter and Housing Needs of Refugee Claimants in BC the forum aimed to address solutions rather than focus on the well-known problems.

A Report has been completed based on the Forum and can be viewed here: Refugee Claimant Housing Forum Report and Action Plan 2018