About MAP

About MAP

Cromprised of representatives of 40+ government and non government refugee claimant-serving agencies, the Multi-Agency Partnership (MAP) meets each month with the following objectives: to identify the shifting needs of refugee claimants; to coordinate efforts; share knowledge; and find solutions that avoid duplication of services.

Mission Statement:
The mission of MAP is to work collaboratively to identify barriers and provide solutions to promote the protection and well-being of refugee claimants and service providers, by facilitating networking and information sharing.

MAP strives to ensure that refugee claimants and service providers benefit from:

  • Accurate, timely information and referrals
  • Access to settlement assistance, housing, legal advice, healthcare, and other social services
  • Early identification of issues and trends that affect refugee claimants; and
  • Development of efficient, collective solutions and responses through the collaborative work of service providers

Core Values:
The values of humanity, integrity, neutrality, impartiality and respect have been fundamental to the success, credibility and effectiveness of MAP.

Membership in MAP is open to any organization that provides direct service to or whose work enhances knowledge about refugee claimant.

For more information on becoming a member of MAP, please contact MAP at info@mapbc.org.

Current MAP Partners

Baobob Inclusive Empowerment Society

Canadian Red Cross

Immigrant Services Society

Inland Refugee Society

Journey Home Community Association 

Kinbrace Community Society

La Boussole

Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation


Settlement Orientation Services 

Settlement Workers in Schools